Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wil Schroter is a savvy entrepreneur with a laundry list of companies to his name. I've been asking myself how someone, who is roughly six years older than me, can already be so successful.

In search of the answer, I'm about halfway through his book, Go BIG or Go Home.

The title says it all. By examining his own companies, and other internet giants like Google and MySpace, Wil outlines the common elements in a proven business model that allow GoBIG companies to "dominate new markets virtually overnight".

  • Vision - Think BIG, the way companies like Google, PayPal and Skype do

  • Growth - Learn how to compress time to grow faster than your competition

  • Marketing - Position your company as Number One right from Day One

  • Capital - Forget raising capital, learn how to create capital and leverage what you have today

  • Management - Leverage your smaller size to run circles around your larger competitors
This book is a fun and easy read, and I recommend it to anyone looking to leverage the speed and scalability of internet businesses.

The interview below will highlight two of Wil's latest projects:

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