Monday, January 28, 2008

A Second Chance at Life

This morning, my wife kindly passed on an article posted on MSNBC regarding the dogs confiscated in the raid against former NFL quarterback, Michael Vic, and his underground dog fighting operation.  This is a must read, complete with a happy ending.

The story made my day.  It's good to know that the actions taken by all the good souls involved in this rescue effort have made an extraordinary difference.  Not only will the Pit Bulls from Vic's operation have a second chance at life with loving and responsible owners, but this example (because of  its high profile in the media) will serve as a catalyst to help change the public opinion surrounding this wonderful breed. 

My hope is that stories like this will also provoke legislatures to change the way they address the horrible trend of underground dog fighting - the solution thus far (and a poor one in my opinion) has been to pass breed specific legislation.

Vic will sit in jail for the next twenty-three months for his crimes. Had I been the judge and been permitted to deliver his sentence, it would've much longer.  I'm of the opinion that we should ban stupid people, not dogs.

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