Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Second Chance at Life: Part 2

This is a short update to the previous post.  I encourage you to watch this video on MSNBC entitled Life after Dog Fighting.

I applaud MSNBC for being one of the first nationally syndicated media organizations to look at this issue from an objective perspective - both in their previous article and in this video - and really shed some light on the good nature of Pit Bull breed.  These dogs are the victims, not the problem.  The people at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary know that, and are going to incredible measures to make sure these animals are saved.  

Watch the video, look at their faces, look at their scars, and look into their eyes.  Do you see a monster?

If you blog, no matter what your topic might be, please post this video to your readership.  If you email, please send this link to your friends and family.  Please help spread this message in any way you can.  Please help make this message visible to as many people as possible.

Together (with the help of viral technology) we can, and will make a great change.

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