Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How localized content can build a global audience - iMediaConnection.com

Sheila Mooney, Director of Content Development
for Nurun, offers some very though provoking ideas on generating localized content to build a global audience for brands. The article is absolutely worth a read and discusses the strategic approach to content in relation to context, taking in factors such as cultural nuances, as well as technological factors like bandwidth.

What are your thoughts on her approach?

Consumers will seek out brand content, but only if it appeals to them on a local and personal level. That's why your content strategy needs to factor in context as well.

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  1. I don't think we'll really experience a bust like we did with the dot coms. I agree with @DanHarris comment about infrastructure, but it was also about a lack of a sound business plan. I don't think the investment dollars have poured into web 2.0 in the same manner as was the case with dot coms. Once the whole concept gets "figured out", I think you'll see a surge towards that particular area of Web 2.0, leaving some to fail, but that's just business...some fail while others succeed. Good topic!


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