Thursday, February 14, 2008

It Was Somthing About a Girl Dressed in Fatigues

It's Valentines Day and I have a very special someone.

Here's the beginning:

I met this special girl during my junior year at Otterbein College while I was living in my fraternity house. It was winter quarter (January 19th to be exact) and we were rushing for new potential members. I had been at work and returned that evening to man a costume-themed event sponsored at our house.

Upon walking in, I noticed her sitting in the chapter room, dressed in urban blue fatigues, face painted painted to match. As I passed heading towards the stairs (my room was on the second floor), I couldn't take my eyes off of the soldier girl.

She had come with her friend, who I had met before. I knew Amy Dean through her older brother John. He was one year my senior and happened to be my classmate in communications. As the evening moved on and the party grew thick, soldier girl and I went our separate ways. We finally found ourselves in the basement of the house where the dance floor was conveniently located.

I was the house DJ at the time and was busy mixing the music. Noticing that soldier girl had made her way to my spot, I left my post to attempt starting what would turn out to be a horribly awkward conversation. (I've never had much skill in talking to the opposite sex, especially with the ones I had interest in - go figure?)

After a few bumbled comments, soldier girl's friend, Amy Dean, decided to help me by taking matters into her own hands. With one swift push on each of our backs, soldier girl and I were dancing.

As you may have guessed, soldier girl - who's name is also Amy, is now my wonderful and beautiful wife. She's also my teacher, an amazing mother, my biggest supporter, and my most honest critic.

Amy - I cherish you and all that we have together. You are my moonbeam and my best friend. I love you with all of my heart. For the rest of our days, it will always be you and I, against the world...

There's so much more to the story of Amy and I, but that's for later...

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Very special blog. If I was sentimental, this would be touching. Haha, jokes jokes.

  2. Ahh how sweet!! It makes me want to reach for my insulin :-))))

  3. Awww. You guys are too cute. When are you coming over for dinner???

    (Week one at the new job... I can't even cook for myself let alone for others... let's do drinks soon, though yes?)


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